I read a few of the other reviews, and I can understand SOME of the opinions. First thing Ladys Bathroom IS THE BEST in Novato! The improvements that have been made are GREAT! Lets not forget this is Novato, and boy has it changed over the years. In the past we had Browns, Viking, Deborbahs, Bit a Honey and Yes GOOD ole Joes crossroads, Now we dont, half those are only memories. The bars that are all in the same area Browns, Viking and Deborbahs well thats good old Novato! Browns is the most welcoming of them all. Not to mention they offer SO much more! Darts, pool, TV, juke box, Live music, Karaoke, and a game of beer pong. I lived in Novato for over 35 years, and WOW has it changed! I look forward to Browns when in town, its a comfort to still see it open and running. its like an ahh momment , some things never change. Imagine Mikes liquors not being on the corner? Browns is Novato!! Great place , great owner, great prices and yeah now and then a bartender might not be 5 star, but noones always perfect. Come in and see for yourself. Give it a try, make some friends, sing a song play some pong. Great place to chill.
— G.B.
Best bar in Novato hands down if ur young and don't wanna chill with a bunch of old fucks ranting about there shity alcoholic lives.... beautiful bartender/owner Joyce allows beerpong every fri/sat and sometimes on game days if she loves u .. Winner doesn't have to pay for beer great idea if ur a broke fuk like me and u want drink for free all night cause u can throw a ping pong ball into a small cup which really says what a piece of shit u are and how far u will get in life 2 pool tables watch out for Loa he's a shark and he's no fun to play with ... Jukebox has a lot of music Friday nights are most popular sats ok Wednesday is karaoke night if u kick ass ull sing a song real shitty this is a bar where everyone knows eachother and we all look out for one another come correct and ull have fun here other than that my uncle Guy will throw ur ass out with a flick of a pinky .
— Chad A.